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We are currently working on the new festival site and promo for May 2018

Pestival celebrates the role of insects in our lives and the greater role they play on the planet. They mobilise an international network of eminent research scientists, renowned artists and education experts to create an exciting and innovative experience based on the biggest issue of our time. Insects.

The World’s Largest Touring Insect Festival
“With the thrill of a theme park, the buzz of a festival and the rigour of a science fair, Pestival is creating a major touring experience for 2018.”

Supported by the Welcome Trust and Esmee Fairbairn trust.


A new one page website as a space to gather and give out information also to encourage sponsors and participants. Directing viewers to a call to action, to be a sponsor, contributor, or volunteer. Areas for promotional films and press and media coverage.


A new WordPress one page website designed to show off past Pestival festivals with sliders and information. The website has video showcase films, media areas, calls to action for sponsors and volunteers and major sponsor profiles.


Pestival website design

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