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Boca2mouth put on events in a loose collective, making performances and collaborating in various projects
Although based in Brighton, their activities are not restricted to Brighton, they have organized events and performed in London, Newcastle and Galicia (Spain).

Boca2mouths projects usually serve as way of researching ideas and concepts through the arts, involving a variety of disciplines: performance, visual arts, research, texts, moving images, etc.


A new website to replace the old site making it easier for the performers to add content to a blog.
The main areas of the website needed to focus on a new project called: ManMade. Flyers and posters both print and digital were to be used for their live projects around Brighton.


A new WordPress website and all supporting print and digital media provided – This supports their current project ManMade along side the other collaborations with Boca2mouth.

Some notes for training for Boca2mouth’s editor have been provided.
The site has been handed over and is currently curating the Manmade project.

SEE IT HERE: boca2mouth.net


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